I'm sorry........

I'm sorry i promised to not talk to you
But i still did
I'm sorry for all those stupid fights
I'm sorry for hurting you

I'm sorry for not always being there
I'm sorry for not caring enough... 
Or caring too much that you get annoyed
I'm sorry that i love hearing the sound of
I'm sorry that i can't be perfect
I'm sorry that you broke my heart
I'm sorry that now ŵę lost what ŵę had And never seem to he happy with me anymore
I'm sorry your always on my mind
I'm sorry i always dream of you
I'm sorry for always smiling because of you
Most of all I'm sorry you had to end things
I'm not sorry for falling in love with you
I'm sorry for you falling out of love with me
Because when i look back to this day
Your gonna be the one say sorry that you left But now,
I'm sorry that you lost me...!!!


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