Why Do I Miss You So Much?

Why Do I Miss You So Much? 

I can't believe how much you hurt me

Why do I even care?

I can't believe how much I trusted you

When you told me you would always be there.

If only you could see

Where I am at in my life right now,

If only I could see you jealous

Maybe I could move on somehow.
But to think of when I lost you

It cuts me deep inside,

Because when I try to think of the good times,

I can only think of the lies.
I can't believe I fell for it

How stupid could I be?

I can't say that I have moved on

Because without you, there is no me.
Everyone tells me to get over it

"It's not that easy," I hear myself say,

But I know down deep inside

If I just let you go, I would be okay.
How much longer do I have to wait

For that one special kiss?

For that day when you come to realize

That it's me who you can't resist.
Maybe it will come sooner than I think

Maybe I just have to wait,

Perhaps you have already realized it

Because there's no hiding that look upon your face

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