I Miss You Daddy...

It’s Been a Year Daddy..

I Really Really Miss You..

Mommy Says Your in Safe Now..

in a Beautiful Place Called Heaven..

We Have Your Favorite Dinner Tonight..

I ate it All Up..

Even Though i Don’t Like Carrots..

I Learned How To Swim This Summer..

I Can Even Open My Eyes When i m Under Water..

Can’t You See me..?

I Started Kindergarden This Year..

I Carry Around a Picture of Us in My Blue’s Clue’s 

Lunch Box..

you are The Greatest Daddy..

I Can Swing on The Swing By Myself..

Even Though i Miss You Pushing Me..

Can’t You See Me..?

I Miss How You Used To Tickle Me..

Tickle My Belly..

My Belly Hurts..

I Try Not To Cry..

Mommy Says its ok..

I Know You Dont Like it When i Cry..

You Never Wanted Me To Be Sad..

I Try Daddy But it Hurts..

Is it True Your Not Coming Home..?

Maybe Some Day, i Can Visit You in Heaven, ok..?

Its Time For Me To Go To Bed Now..

I Sleep With The Light On,Just in Case You Come 


and Kiss Me Goodnight..

I Love You So Much..
I Miss You Daddy...


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